University of Cowards

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Today’s Inside Higher Ed article brought up a myriad of thoughts. In summation, after a two year study, The University of California’s academic senate has declined to endorse test-optional admissions policies for the system. First, let me say that this is wildly disappointing in it own right. There is too much research to cite with regards to the body of evidence supporting the elimination of standardized tests. But, if you’re… Read More »University of Cowards

The real problem with Early Decision? We don’t even read the rules.

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An all-too-familiar conversation resurfaced this week about Early Decision programs at elite colleges, spurred mainly by a superficial retread of an article from Inside Higher Ed. The article cites a study from the Center for American Progress that provides some background information on the negative impacts of early admission programs for both students of color and those coming from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Our perspective: There’s no denying the structural racism built into… Read More »The real problem with Early Decision? We don’t even read the rules.

Welcome to the blog!

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Hello there reader and fellow edupreneur. I’m excited to be posting for the first time on the Higher Ed Perspective blog. It is here where we’ll be adding our two cents to the conversations occurring throughout the higher education space. We’ll be linking you to key articles, connecting you back to our podcast episodes, and offering opinion pieces that you won’t hear from anyone else. Join us at the water… Read More »Welcome to the blog!